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Olympic Games

At the Tokyo Olympic Games in August 2021, part of Olympic athletes wore Tuper Group lefeke brand epidemic prevention products, which is a sign that our lefeke brand has been recognized by the market; During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in January 2022, Tuper Group undertook the task of supplying epidemic prevention and protection materials during the Winter Olympic Games, directly or indirectly providing a large number of medical supplies for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, forming a solid defense line for the epidemic prevention and protection work of the Winter Olympic Games.

Support Team

The Group combined with the strong support team, the whole industry chain operation includes R&D, manufacturing, brand building, sales channels, warehousing, after-sales, etc. We adopt advanced C2F mode, industrial Internet + new retail combination, intelligent production such as intellectual order receiving, intelligent production scheduling, intelligent process control, intelligent warehouse management system, etc., to realize the customer's order on the same day, the same day production, the same day delivery.

Company Vision

The company's vision is to establish the largest medical and health brand operation cluster in China and cultivate the core brand of Chinese household medical and health care, taking our brand to the global market.
The second is form a new mode of technology transformation and retail, transform medical technology achievements of colleges and universities, matched with appropriate brands, and reach the customers through the new retail.

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